Chanakya in Daily Life

Radhakrishnan Pillai is the best-selling author of Corporate Chanakya, among many. He is revered across the country not only as an author but also as a motivational speaker. This book is highly anticipated by all his followers as it is the first one that covers topics outside of one’s professional life and has a holistic approach towards helping the readers tackle problems that they face on every front.
This book is dedicated to those who struggle to strike a balance in their lives. And the great Acharya Chanakya, who makes it possible.



  1. Waking Up
  2. Music for the Day
  3. Time for Thinking
  4. Health
  5. Daily Rituals
  6. Astrology
  7. Afternoon
  8. Power Nap
  9. Study Daily
  10. Your Swadharma
  11. Your Daily Timetable
  12. Meditation
  13. Food
  14. Self-discipline
  15. Find Your Pattern
  16. Creative Hobby
  17. Personal Finances
  18. Life Plan
  19. Become an Institution
  20. Personal Guru
  21. Practical Philosophy
  22. Fulfil Your Desires
  23. Ultimate Happiness
  1. Going to the Workplace
  2. Silent Time
  3. Eye on Accounts
  4. Meeting People
  5. Managers Are Important
  6. Creating Your Workplace
  7. Training People
  8. Two Keys to Success
  9. Decision-making
  10. Role Clarity
  11. Walk Around
  12. Habit of Documentation
  13. Your Contacts
  14. Contracts
  15. Work-related Travel
  16. From Yearly Planning to a Daily Review
  17. Happiness of Others
  18. Once a Week
  19. Appointing Managers
  20. Personal Income
  21. Making Profits
  22. Board of Experts
  23. Retirement Plan
  1. Duties of a Householder
  2. Marriage—a Choice
  3. Sex in Marriage
  4. House Becomes a Temple
  5. Taking Care of Family Members
  6. Educating Children
  7. Family Prayer
  8. Family Friends
  9. Single Child
  10. Secret of Good Parenting
  11. Women’s Rights
  12. Respect in the Family
  13. Common Property
  14. Irresponsible to Responsible
  15. Charity Begins at Home
  16. Books at Home
  17. Managing Your Servants
  18. Company of the Noble
  19. Family Trips
  20. Chanakya’s Seven Pillars of a Family
  21. Family Succession
  22. Private Space
  23. Feeling of Gratitude
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