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1. When did Berlin become the capital of a unified Germany for the first time?


2. And when did it become the capital of a unified Germany for the second time?


3. When was the Berlin Wall built?


4. And when did it come tumbling down?


5. Berlin lies at the confluence point of several rivers, but one in particular is
linked with it historically.Which one?

The Spree.

6. The most famous, and probably the important avenue in Berlin runs from the
Schloff Platz in the East to Pariser Platz in the West.What is its name?

Unter den Linden.

7. What does the name mean in English?

‘Under the Lime Trees.

8. What famous monument is to be found at the western end of the Unter den

The Brandenburg Gate.

9. What is the name of Berlin’s most fashionable avenue?


10. On which street is the Europa Centre, a 22 storey building complex housing
offices, restaurants, shops, cinemas, a planetarium and an ice rink?


11. What is the name of the forest which dominates the south western part of the


12. And the lake formed by the Havel River is called, what?

The Wannsee.

13. The Friedrich-Wilhelm University was founded in 1809. Its faculty has include
27 Nobel Prize winners and which famous philosopher?

G.W.F Hegel.

14. In 1950, which bomb damaged building was razed to the ground to make room
for the Marx-Engels Platz?

The Hohenzollern Palace.

15. Who was the world famous conductor, resident with the Berlin Philharmonic
Orchestra from 1954 to 1989?

Herbet von Karajan.

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1. 1871. 2. 1990. 3. 1961. 4. 1989. 5.The Spree. 6. Unter den Linden. 7.‘Under the Lime Trees’. 8.The Brandenburg Gate. 9.Kurfurstendamm.              10.Tauentzienstrasse. 11.Grunewald. 12.The Wannsee. 13.G.W.F Hegel. 14.The Hohenzollern Palace. 15.Herbert von Karajan.

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