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White Hat Jr is the best Kids Coding Platform where kids are taught to code online by our expert teachers. Kids coding will be the future of education. White Hat’s mission is to empower a whole generation to become creators versus consumers of technology.We teach fundamentals of coding–logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking to enable kids to generate creative outcomes eg websites, animations and apps. All classes are taught 1:1 Live Online by Top 0.1% of early childhood coding experts

About WhiteHat Jr

Today, in the computer age, less than 1% of schools teach coding in early childhood. Resulting in a major gap in the requirements of the new world and our children’s skills. WhiteHat Jr introduces and prepares your kid from 6-14 years for this new coding world. They learn fundamentals of coding–logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking–to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps. All classes are taught Live 1:1 Online in the comfort of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified teachers and subject matter expert.

Coding For Kids

Whether you are a student interested in the IT careers that you could explore with a coding qualification or just fascinated by the world of tech and coding courses, WhiteHat Jr. offers a wide range of online coding courses that make coding accessible to kids and young teenagers. We’ve put together a simple guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from parents and prospective students to help you understand the basics of what our kids programming courses cover, whether they are right for your kids and how best to navigate them

Curious about what is involved in courses for coding for kids?

We have developed kids programming courses that allow kids, teens, and young adults to learn how to code at all ages with proper coding classes and in an environment that works for them – Online. The courses offered by WhiteHat Jr. are designed to teach kids to code with core programming skills, and then improve the proficiency of the kids coding languages. We require students to learn online coding in future-oriented and selected languages for their suitability to a teaching sense. Our facilitators align digital literacy into coding courses, as required by the existing skills of the learners. Since our curriculum is developed by industry experts and the most important activity of teaching coding is done by top 99.9th percentile of certified teachers, learners get state-of-the-art tech education and unfair advantage when joining the industry.

Are coding classes for kids suitable?

When you’re a parent exploring the possibilities that coding classes for kids can bring, you ‘re probably wondering whether coding courses will suit your child. The benefits of learning to code courses extend far beyond future job opportunities. WhiteHat Jr. teaches coding for kids in programs designed to stimulate creativity, problem-solving skills, and academic performance overall. Over the longer term, online coding courses are a great way to train learners for an increasingly tech-oriented tertiary setting.

What will you learn in a coding course for kids?

WhiteHat Jr.’s coding courses are oriented towards coding and programming.
You will learn:

  • The essentials of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence
  • To create Websites, Animations & Apps
  • How to manipulate data using the programming languages
  • To think of being a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies converse with each other

Start to learn coding with us!

If you are a motivated parent and passionate about technology and where it can lead you to, then Join now. If you or your child would like to find out more about the opportunities provided by our coding programs, explore the kids programming courses offered by WhiteHat Jr. and consider enrolling for a free trial. Remember, no coding experience beforehand is required.

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